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Results Oriented Performance Appraisals

The fundamental belief underlying Positive Performance Management is this: Managers and employees must strive to make performance appraisals complete, honest and timely. Managers need to make sure that each employee knows where he or she stands at all times in the organization. The manager must be fair and honest with ratings, never injuring a person's sense of dignity. Further, they must give employees the opportunity to make certain career decisions on what is best for them.

Just as employees need to know where they stand, the organization needs to know where it stands with respect to its employees. The organization is also entitled to a fair and honest appraisal. This will help the organization make the best moves in regard to promotion, transfer, discipline or termination. This strategy pays off handsomely in such things as increased sales, profits or productivity for the organization.

The program provides a step-by-step approach for the documentation and for conducting the appraisal discussion. Your company policy, appraisal forms and criteria for measuring performance are incorporated.

Class Length: Full or half day